The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) of 1998, 17 U.S.C. § 512, offers recourse for copyright owners encountering infringement of their rights online. Should you genuinely believe that any content associated with our website or services violates your copyright, you (or your agent) can send us a notice for its removal or blocking of access. Notices must be submitted in writing via email to [email protected].

The DMCA specifies that your notice of alleged copyright infringement must contain the following details:

  1. Description of Copyrighted Work: Provide a description of the copyrighted work that is allegedly infringed upon.
  2. Description of Infringing Content: Detail the alleged infringing content and offer information enabling us to locate it.
  3. Contact Information: Include your contact details such as address, telephone number, and email address.
  4. Statement of Good Faith Belief: Assert that you hold a good faith belief that the disputed content is not authorized by the copyright owner, agent, or law.
  5. Statement Under Penalty of Perjury: Swear, under penalty of perjury, that the information provided is accurate and that you possess the authority to enforce the copyrights allegedly infringed.
  6. Signature: Include a physical or electronic signature of the copyright owner or a person authorized to act on their behalf.

Failure to include any of the aforementioned information might lead to a delay in processing your complaint.

We at MTF Cosmetics value intellectual property rights and are committed to addressing any alleged copyright infringements promptly and efficiently. Your cooperation in providing accurate and complete information is crucial for the resolution of such matters.

Thank you for your understanding and adherence to these procedures. Should you have any queries or require further assistance regarding copyright issues, please do not hesitate to contact us at the provided email address.