Influencer of the Week: Lauren Brown

Meet Lauren Brown

Say hello to Lauren Brown, who is currently freshman at Howard University. To read more about this beauty babe! Keep scrolling!


  How did you first get into makeup?
Makeup has always been apart of my life. My mother purchased my first makeup kit for me when I was three years old, of course it was nothing near the makeup I work with today (but it definitely was representative of my parent’s acceptance for my endeavors in makeup artistry.) I didn’t start to get back into makeup until I was in middle school and at that point, I was doing maybe one look a month. Fast forward to now, 17, almost done with my freshman year in college, doing up to 4 or 5 looks a day. Beauty has given me an identity I didn’t know I was missing. I have “my thing”, even with brand collaborations, makeup never feels like a job or chore. It allows me to have a stage I can fully be myself on.


How do you feel like your love for makeup has changed from when you first started?

I don’t believe my love for makeup has changed much from when I first started. With maturity and more responsibility, I have changed how I’ve viewed makeup from a frivolous hobby to a business and a brand. Due to the opportunities and doors, makeup has opened for me, my love has intensified but I don’t think it’s changed.


Who is your number one makeup inspiration and why? Top influencers?

When it comes to makeup and influencing, I have many different inspirations for different aspects. When I can’t think of a look to do, I usually go to my photo albums and look for looks from 2017 and 2018 to recreate. Younger Lauren is my number one makeup inspiration because I love side by side comparison photos.  Other pages I refer to for makeup inspiration are @brittnymakeup , @nicoleetait , @rocioceja_ , @naezrahlooks , @dom.skii . I like to follow many different accounts that showcase different styles so I never stay stagnant. @Brittnymakeup is very idiosyncratic in her style and stands out from many other influencers, you can tell when a look is inspired by her. @Rocioceja_ , @nicoleetait, @naezrahlooks are masters when it comes to blend and eye makeup. They utilize color and come up with creations that challenge me and pull me from my comfort zone. @Dom.skii utilizes his face as canvas for some of the best nature-inspired creations I’ve ever witnessed and transforms into things I’ve never thought about. The biggest inspiration for my Instagram account  overall is @snitchery, the first account I stalked before I even embarked in having an account. Her editing, layout, consistency and makeup was one of the reasons I even started RaggedyRoyal so I will always credit her for that.



Where do you see yourself in 5 years from now makeup-wise?

In 5 years, I will hope to actually have videos on my Youtube channel, which seems small but it’s taken this long and my followers are starting to get aggressive with me about it. I also see myself partnered in healthy, mutually beneficial relationships with my favorite makeup brands being paid to do and create what I love. I also hope to have an impact on my community and not simply a pretty face. I hope to inspire young girls and boys of color to not be afraid of wearing bright rainbows on their face if they feel like it.


What is one product you can’t live without and why?

One product I cannot live without is clear gloss. It can be worn with a soft glam, a colorful look, a dramatic sultry night look and with no makeup at all. Clear gloss on the eyes is an extremely effortless power move. It’s a great topper to  bold lipstick colors, nude lipsticks and even bare lips. I have to keep multiple tubes in my room. My favorite is Ruby Kisses’s Jellylicious Jelly Lips Gloss in Crystal. It smells like fruit, has a squeeze tube (my preference because it covers a lot of lip in a short amount of time in a rush) and is truly clear with no sparkles which sometimes ruin the look. 


What has been your biggest milestone/achievement when it comes to makeup?

My biggest achievement when it comes to my makeup has been being selected to be a Semi-Finalist in the Sephora Squad process. Thousands upon thousands of influencers applied and to be chosen for the top 100 (well 93) was gratifying and something I’m extremely of. Also, being selected by Norvina (president of Anastasia Beverly Hills) via Twitter to be on Anastasia’s Beverly Hill’s PR list. Aside from the gracious welcome box of products, the recognition and co-sign from someone in the community is extremely cool and motivating. All glory be to God.


My favorite quote: 

“Obviously, I’m not trying to win the approval of people, but of God. If pleasing people were my goal, I would not be Christ’s servant.” - Galatians‬ 1:10‬‬ 






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Phenomenal Woman! That’s You!

MB May 02, 2019

You are Everything!

Latunja May 01, 2019

Influencer indeed!! You never cease to amaze. You found something you enjoy and love and made it your own. Keep showing the world your creativity and artistry. Congrats!!

Terri Garcia May 01, 2019

Continue being the amazing queen you are, Lauren! I’m so proud of you and the talented young woman you continue to become! :)

Alyssa McCall May 01, 2019

Powerful interview Lauren! Continue to be authentic and unafraid to show the world who you are. Making your mark one look at a time.

Dawn Evans May 01, 2019

Congrats Lauren on all of your accomplishments! Brains & Beauty, a killer combination! And, Yes to God be the Glory! Won’t HE do it!

Sheila Bunn May 01, 2019

Congrats Lauren on all of your accomplishments! Brains & Beauty, a killer combination! And, Yes to God be the Glory! Won’t HE do it!

Sheila Bunn May 01, 2019

You’re amazing Lauren and crazy talented!! May 01, 2019

Simply the best. I can hardly wait to see your next post. They get better and better. Thanks for allowing us to experience this journey with you!!

Candice Barnes May 01, 2019

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