Influencer of the Week: Beauty by TamiB

Meet Beauty By TamiB


How did you first get into makeup? 

Well, as a little girl, I grew up admiring the women in my family growing up, getting glam for outings such as church, work etc. I always noticed how they felt after doing their makeup,, once I was old enough to wear makeup with my moms consent, I started playing in makeup in the 7th grade and ever since then I was in love!


How do you feel like your love for makeup has changed from when you first started?

My love for makeup as changed TREMENDOUSLY. The more I started playing in makeup, the more I fell in love with it. The beauty community makes it slightly challenging at times, but it motivates me to keep going!


Who is your number one makeup inspiration and why? Top influencers?

My makeup inspiration is Pat McGrath! Her journey is so inspirational! She’s given me so much hope that black women can do anything when it comes to being a the beauty industry. It’s quite challenging for black women to succeed in this industry, sadly. My top influencers are @alanaauston, @poisedkween, @muamadeleline, @twjmue, @_DaSickesst, @itsmegama, @jackieaina & @RocioCeja_, these individuals inspire me SO much!


Where do you see yourself in 5 years from now makeup-wise?

I do see myself being a beauty educator and a MUA to the stars. I see myself opening a makeup school/cosmetic store as well. Also, a wife and mommy!


What is one product you can’t live without and why?

Honestly, lip gloss!!!! Lip Gloss just brings the entire look together, I feel naked if I don’t have any on at all! 
What has been your biggest milestone/achievement when it comes to makeup?
My biggest milestone was not being able to build my freelance kit properly, building clientele and not having a ton of support! With the help of my online associates and social media’s impact, I’ve been able to build clientele a ton, meet other makeup artists/enthusiasts and I was also lucky enough to get booked by Tati Westbrook herself to do one of her sisters makeup this year! 
Fun Facts:
I’m actually super tall, I’m 6’1ft.
I’m the only child with my mom and dad.
My fave genre music is Metal, RnB, Rap and House music.
I’m a huge Rihanna die hard fan.
I love to do arts and crafts.
My favorite childhood movie is the fifth element! I watch it all the time!
I used to play basketball and the piano and I did a ton of clubs in school. 
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I watched her do a snap-chat takeover and was in awe by her work! Love her personality and skills. Can’t wait to see what else she has up her sleeve!

Dominica Worth December 31, 2018

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