Influencer of the Week: AsianxArtistry

Meet Jordan Wells

Say hello to Jordan Wells, known as Asianxartistry. Wells is a freelance makeup artist from Jackson,  Mississippi. Read below to learn more! 
How did you first get into makeup?
Throughout middle school and high school I was super self conscience about my weight and looks and makeup seemed like the best answer to what I thought was a problem. Needless to say it soon became my passion throughout high school and will always be. 
How do you feel like your love for makeup has changed from when you first started?
My love has changed from when I just started drastically because at first it was to hide my imperfection and what I didn’t like now I straight up could care less and I know that I’m beautiful inside and out. I view makeup now as art. I started dabbling into face painting this past October for Halloween and I find myself doing drag eye looks all the time. Makeup is absolutely art. 
 Who is your number one makeup inspiration and why? Top influencers?
I don’t have a favorite but my biggest makeup inspirations are @alanaauston @alissaashley @raggedroyal @hazelamari @glambymykaila @blfooo12 @beautybytamib @glamandgore @nikkietutorials @arnellarmon @jackieaina @jaemajette and SO MANY MORE! 
Where do you see yourself in 5 years from now makeup wise?
 Five years from today I see myself being a business owner and having a successful YouTube channel and expanding my talents to more than just faces but canvases. 
What is one product you can’t live without and why?
I can’t live without my NYX brow pencil or ABH dipbrow. A look is not a look unless you have brows and that’s law! PERIODTTTT 
What has been your biggest milestone/achievement when it comes to makeup?
My biggest achievement makeup wise is getting brands to actually notice you. Being influencer if the week makes me proud of all the looks I’ve done either they flopped on twitter or not! 
Fun Fact
The reason my @ name is “asianxartistry” is because I’m part Asian and African American. asian + makeup artistry = asianxartistry #TheMoreYouKnow 
To keep up with Jordan
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