Influencer of the Week: Andres Medina

Meet Andres Medina

New York native, Andres Medina is currently a home nurse aide who loves to slay his face. Medina graduated from the Art Institute of Philadelphia with his Bachelor's degree in Audio Production. To learn more about Andres, keep reading below!


How did you first get into makeup?
I guess you can say I pushed myself to “accidentally” fall into makeup. It was something that’s always caught my interest but there weren’t any instances in my life that lead me into makeup until one day. A friend of mine in college wanted to go to Ulta, this would be my first time and it was a WRAP. It was the “excuse” I needed to experience makeup for the first time and since college did a number on my under eyes, for example, dark circles, creases, etc. Going to Ulta would be my first time buying my late blessing called concealer. Since then I’ve slowly but surely gave Ulta and Sephora all my coint from concealers, to foundations, to eyebrow pomades and contour palettes (in that order), the artist in me JUMPED out. I did everything I could to learn and teach myself everything I know today whether it was constant google searches or a YouTube tutorial. I knew I was in too deep and wasn’t mad at it.
How do you feel like your love for makeup has changed from when you first started?

From the beginning when concealer was my only friend, I remember how good it made me feel. That little boost of confidence during my back and forth battle with depression in my college years was something I fought to feel every chance I got. As I tried more products and eventually got to eye shadow, the artist in me felt alive for the first time in a long time since realizing that the major I was about to graduate into was no longer my passion. It was something I had to struggle and learn to accept that after 4 hard years of school, I had no plans of following it up after graduation. Makeup stole my heart and I promised myself from then on I’d bust my ass off to make up for lost time and make something of myself within the beauty community/industry. 


 Who is your number one makeup inspiration and why? Top influencers?

Hands down Jackie Aina no question. No if’s, and’s or but’s about it. Before I started to get into the beauty community and seeing the top names in the game, I was already invested in social justice and had/have a strong sense of equality/inclusion. In my more amateur years as a makeup artist, it was already clear to me their was a huge lack of representation and inclusion in the community and I vowed that if I ever built up an audience/following I would use my platform to speak on these issues. I have no problem bringing up race relations when it comes to the makeup industry and when I first found Jackie Aina, a woman who’s been doing and is STILL doing what I aim to do for years already, I fell in love. She’s been a role model not only in the makeup application game, but just how she represents herself and the morals she stands by. She’s here for everybody and wants everyone to win and so do I.


Where do you see yourself in 5 years from now makeup-wise?

I hope to have a thriving and successful Youtube career. I’m investing and working my ass off this year here in 2019 to make videos to entertain and educate the up and comers while I still learn myself. We grow together so in the next 5 years I also hope to have an amazing relationship with my supporters. I do now but hey in 5 years, for someone to stick with you for 5 years, you need to be doing something right so I hope I do them right. Also, I hope to bring back MedinaMUAYE cosmetics, a makeup line where I created entire eye shadow palettes by scratch all by self from mixing the ingredients down to the packaging logo, started in 2017 which received amazing feedback. I haven’t forgot, I just need time, it’ll be back I promise.


 What is one product you can’t live without and why? 

At the moment, the product I catch myself using on the daily has to be the Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb. Especially in these trying winter times, don’t nobody got time for ashy lips. Don’t get caught slippin. Stay moisturized.


What has been your biggest milestone/achievement when it comes to makeup?

This one is a bit tricky to answer because I feel like I’ve had multiple achievements even being so small of an “iNfLuEnCeR”. From my original eye shadow palettes to even Anastasia Beverley Hills and Jackie Aina following me on Twitter LOL, there’s a couple to choose from. I guess I’d have to say that I am genuinely proud of myself for obtaining an amazing and beautiful audience and group of friends/supporters on twitter. MY twitter fam means everything to me. There are people I talk to and look forward to seeing on there everyday. They mean so much to me and they are the ones that push me to continue during my highest highs and lowest lows. They get my sense of humor, they love memes as much as I do and we love to drag racist people together period. This is probably hella cheesy but its genuine and I hope they know that I am so grateful for their love and support because I literally couldn’t see myself going this far without them. I love us forreal. *Monique voice*


A message from Andres: 

I just want you to know that you can literally do whatever you put your mind to. My makeup journey is young but it’s been a rough start and a bumpy road but I’m, I’m, I’m still here, here, here…anyway. Please chase your dreams now, don’t let a day go to waste because everyday you let go by is a day that could have been gone towards your goals. Especially now in 2019, get your ass up and just do it. Start your Youtube channel, practice your winged liner, try and do that ombre cut crease sis, I believe in you. Other than that, I just wanna thank everyone for the love that ya’ll have given me thus far and I hope to stick around for the long run with ya’ll by my side. Period.

P.S. Brows after foundation FOREVER. 


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YASSSS I can’t wait to see your journey and how far you go this year 💕

Maddy Rivero January 22, 2019

You’re doing AMAZING SWEETIE!!!

Hony Lavndr January 21, 2019

Absolutely one of my favorite influencers hands down! Thank you for choosing Andres! Excellent interview! Hopefully one day, my hopes and dreams will come true too!

Stacy Bennett January 21, 2019

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