Meet Mikayla Woolery

  Our Influencer of the Week campaign has finally started! The wait is over! Say hello to our very first Influencer of the Week, Mikayla Woolery a.k.a. Poised Kween. Woolery is a freelance makeup artist, hairstylist, and Ulta Prestige Beauty Advisor from Brooklyn, New York. Read through our Q&A to learn more! 
How did you first start getting into makeup?

It’s kind of something that just found me! I used to play in my moms makeup which is hilarious because she’s so much darker than me with a red undertone. I looked crazy! But I didn’t care. My mom had all the high end products and I started to make trips to the MAC counter with her. My first makeup collection was pretty much all MAC! I started to venture out into other brands and getting good at it and when I was unsure of my career path (I call it an early-life crisis lol) my mom encouraged me to make money doing the things I love!

How do you feel like your love for makeup has changed from when you first started?
My love for makeup hasn’t changed but honestly, the beauty community makes it so hard to remain motivated and consistent! Some are really mean, some only care about themselves, some are only in it for money and not because they love their craft. Plus, seeing really disrespectful people get ahead when there’s so many other amazing MUA’s and influencers who deserve it more can be discouraging. But good things come to those who are patient and mind their business!

Who is your number one makeup inspiration and why? Top influencers?

    KINGMALIMAGIC!!!!! She’s doing exactly what I want to do. Educate, work with huge brands, and be extremely versatile. I love her work! Cut creases, glitter, all of that is awesome! But there’s nothing like some TIMELESS makeup! I love how dedicated she is to perfecting the “dewy brown girl” look! In addition to her, I can’t even name my top influencers because I see SO MUCH talent on a regular basis! @GlambyMykaila most definitely, she's very talented and super sweet! @BeautyByTamiB as well, she doesn’t get the credit she deserves. All of her looks are GORGEOUS!

    Where do you see yourself in 5 years from now makeup-wise?

    I really want to be a beauty educator, so hopefully in the next 5 years I’m in my penthouse, traveling to teach masterclasses and one-on-ones! I’m literally always taking notes, wanting to learn and grow more so I can teach others to my best ability!

     What is one product you can’t live without and why?

    "I CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT LASHES! On my no makeup-makeup days, all i have to do is throw on some lashes (and lipgloss) and it actually looks like I put some effort into how I look."

    What has been your biggest achievement so far?

    Honestly my biggest achievement has to be going from struggling to get clients to being overwhelmed and having to turn people down! Getting noticed on social media has made celebrities notice me and I get to connect with a lot of local artists, athletes, and photographers! I love networking and meeting new people!

    Six Fun Facts about Mikayla 

    1. My first love was music! I’ve been singing since birth. Hopefully I don’t have to give it up and can somehow incorporate that into my life now.
    2. I’m Jamaican, Cuban & Seminole Indian. WE LIKE TO EAT OVER HERE!
    3. I graduated a year early from High School and wanted to be a Forensic Pathologist before I decided I’d rather choose another career path.
    4. I’m extremely Tech-savvy! If I don’t know it, I can figure it out! I used to code websites for people for extra money.
    5. I’m a Licensed Cosmetologist!
    6. I really want to get into photography and post-production. I want to be the best retoucher ever! 

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    I remember when I first saw her on twitter. Right then and there I knew I had to follow her. Cannot wait to she her growth!

    Dominica Worth December 31, 2018

    I remember when I first saw her on twitter. Right then and there I knew I had to follow her. Cannot wait to she her growth!

    Dominica Worth December 31, 2018

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